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Salt Lake Coffee & Cig SaltNik 30ml 25mg And 45mg

Start your morning off right, start your morning off with Salt Lake's Coffee & Cig liquid! D..

Salt Lake Fruit Medley SaltNik 30ml 25mg And 45mg

Fruit medley is a masterful blend of fruity flavors that will leave you feeling invigorated, satis..

Salt Lake Menthol SaltNik 30ml 25mg And 45mg

Salt Lake’s menthol mix perfectly captures the familiar taste and feel of menthol products w..

Salt Lake Strawberry Funnel SaltNik 30ml 25mg And 45mg

While strawberry funnel cakes are more commonplace at the carnival than in your vaporizer,..

Salt Lake Tobacco SaltNik 30ml 25mg And 45mg

Rich and rewarding, Salt Lake’s tobacco blend manages to be deeply satisfying, while still r..

Salt Lake Tropical Ice SaltNik 30ml 25mg And 45mg

If you’re looking for a refreshing and smooth liquid, look no further. Tropical ice mixes ..

Salt Lake Watermelon Ice SaltNik 30ml 25mg And 45mg

Fresh and chilled, Watermelon Ice combines the already soothing flavors of melon with the cool..

Saltbae50 Green Apple Salt Nic 30mL

Head down to your local farmers market and look for the biggest, shiniest green apple you can find a..

Saltbae50 HoneyDew Ice Salt Nic 30mL

Sweet, light honey dew melon is brought together with freezing cold menthol to make a vape juice ble..

Saltbae50 Juicy Watermelon Salt Nic 30mL

What's better on a hot summer afternoon than biting into a big wedge of sweet, juicy watermelon. One..

Saltbae50 Red Mango Salt Nic 30mL

You've probably heard about this Mango flavor. Well it's here now. Best Mango on the market. Hands d..

Saltbae50 Strawberry Kiwi Salt Nic 30mL

he perfect pairing of ripe strawberries and exotic, tart kiwi is well known for how incredibly compl..

Saltbae50 Sweet Caramel Tobacco Salt Nic 30mL

Tobacco and caramel are a true match made in heaven. Strong, deep tobacco is mellowed out by the swe..