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Nitecore Charger Battery Charger Nitecore UM20

 The Nitecore UM20 has the ability to charge Li-ion and IMR cylindrical rechargeable batteries. Th..

Nitecore D2 Universal Charger

Nitecore D2 Universal Charger The Nitecore D2 is a universal smart charger compatible with almos..

Nitecore D4 Universal Charger

Nitecore D4 Universal Charger  Nitecore has outdone itself once again with this truly universal ..

Nitecore i2 Universal Charger

Nitecore i2 Universal Charger  Each of the i2’s two micro processor-controlled charging slot..

Nitecore i4 Universal Charger

Nitecore i4 Universal Charger  The Intellicharge i4 is a universal, automatic smart-charger comp..

Nitecore UM10 USB Management and Charging System

 The UM10 is a USB powered Li-ion battery charger with safe and intelligent charging modes based o..

Nitecore UM2 Dual-Slot Intelligent Charger

Nitecore UM2 Dual-Slot Intelligent Charger is a QC input available intelligent USB dual-slot charger..

Nitecore UM4 Intelligent USB Four-Slot Charger for Li-ion, Ni-Cd, and Ni-MH

The Nitecore UM4 Charger is a four-slot smart charger that will quickly charge batteries of varying ..