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Blueberry Cake Glas Basix Series

Inhale and feel like you've just stepped into your Grandmothers kitchen as shes pulling a delicious ..

Butterscotch Reserve Glas Basix Series

This is one of the most complimentary tobacco combinations that you can get your hands on. We all kn..

Fizzy Lemonade - Glas Basix Series

If you're searching for a refreshing vape juice blend with a little unique twist, you're in luck! Fi..

Glas E-Liquid Pebbles 75ml

Glas E-Liquid  Pebbles 75ml Pebbles by Glas E-Liquids is a sophisticated dessert blend of fruit ..

Glas E-Liquid Pound Cake 75ml

Glas E-Liquid  Pound Cake 75ml Pound cake by Glas E-Liquids is named after the centuries old tra..

Glas E-Liquid Glazed 75ml

Glas E-Liquid Glazed 75ml Glazed by Glas E-Liquids attunes the extraordinary attention detail an..

Glas E-Liquid Guave 75ml

Glas E-Liquid Guave 75ml Guave by Glas E-Liquids features a sweet, juicy guava base, swirled in ..

Glas E-Liquid Milk 75ml

Glas E-Liquid Milk 75ml Milk by Glas E-Liquids is a smooth and complex blend of strawberries and..

Glas E-Liquid O.F.T 75ml Watermelon Salt Taffy

Glas E-Liquid O.F.T 75ml Watermelon Salt Taffy Mouthwatering and ripe slices of juicy watermelon..

Strawberry Gummy Glas Basix Series

A sweet and sour gummy blend that will completely knock your socks off! Strawberry Gummy by Glas Bas..