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IVG Apple Berry Crumble Eliquid 60ml

Apple Berry Crumble by IVG Eliquid– 60ml  is a take on a traditional Apple Crumble as you taste ..

IVG Blue Pop Eliquid 60ml

Blue Pop by IVG Eliquid– 60ml  is Sour Blueberries & Raspberries mixed with a delicious lollipop..

IVG Blue Raspberry Eliquid 60ml

Blue Raspberry by IVG Eliquid– 60ml We all know that blueberry and raspberry is a mouth-watering..

IVG Bubble Eliquid 60ml

Bubble by IVG Eliquid– 60ml is that amazing bubblegum taste, which will bring your childhood mem..

IVG Caramel Pop Eliquid 60ml

Caramel Pop by IVG Eliquid– 60ml  is a classic caramel Lollipop from your childhood!Primary ..

IVG Kiwi Lemon Eliquid 60ml

Kiwi Lemon by IVG Eliquid– 60ml  is Fresh Kiwi blended with a hint of lemon.Primary Flavors:..

IVG Rainbow Pop Eliquid 60ml

Rainbow Pop by IVG Eliquid– 60ml is a classic candy fused with a delicious lollipop basePrim..

IVG Spearmint Bubble Eliquid 60ml

Spearmint Bubble by IVG Eliquid– 60ml is fresh punch of spearmint to tantalise your senses with ..

IVG Strawberry Bubble Eliquid 60ml

Strawberry Bubble by IVG Eliquid– 60ml is oozing with succulent strawberry bubblegum, these cand..

IVG Summer Blaze Eliquid 60ml

Summer Blaze by IVG Eliquid– 60ml  is summer Blaze features a blend of Sicilian Lemonade and Mix..